Our Production Base

02 - Jan - 2024

The production base has been built and put into operation on Dec. 2020. It has obtained ISO9001/14001/16949.

The Prodction base covers a total area of 3000 square meters, which includes four twenty-meters-long production lines and two automated lines.


PCB carved machine          RF cable stripping and tapping 

Quick response of making sample: automatic cable stripping and tapping , high-accuracy PCB carved machine

Reliability detection ability: alcohol abrasion test, bending test, three-D, PJTH, salt spray, chromatogram ROSH 2.0

Manufacture ability: automatic cable stripping and tapping machines, automatic cable welding machines, ultrasonic welding.

4.png 5.png

RF cable welding machines 

The products include: WiFi antennas, IoT antennas, small basestation antennas, vehicle antennas and satellite navigation positioning antennas.

6.png 7.png

PJTH                                 Three -D


Salt spray tester           Chromatogram ROSH 2.0